Rhombus 390 Central Locking Caster
  • Rhombus 390 Central Locking Caster

The 390 series is a Rhombus product.

  • Stamped and drawn horn assembly
  • Zinc-plated
  • Sealed double ball raceway
  • Plastic seal protects from dust and water
  • Integrated selection mechanism with total locking brake and directional locking brake
  • Selection mechanism continually greased
  • Brake adjustment feature is standard

Were you looking for the MedCaster Med-Bed (MB) series? Unfortunately, that series is no longer available. However, the Rhombus 390 and 391 are excellent replacements.

35K Thermoplastic Rubber35K Thermoplastic Rubber

  • Tread: Grey Thermo Plastic Rubber
  • Side: Plastic Thread Guard
  • Hardness: 80 (±5) Shore A
  • Capacity: Up to 220 pounds
  • Bearings: Precision Ball

32C Natural Solid Rubber Wheel32C Natural Solid Rubber

  • Tread: Blue/Grey natural solid rubber molded on stamped steel rim
  • Side:: Metal Thread Guard
  • Hardness: 80 (±5) Shore A
  • Capacity: Up to 240 pounds
  • Bearings: Flanged Ball

Mounting options include Central Locking stems.

  • Care Beds
  • Hospital Beds
  • Intensive Care Beds
  • OR Beds and Tables
  • Stretchers
  • Gurneys

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