MedCaster Avant Top Plate with Brake
  • MedCaster Avant Top Plate
  • MedCaster Avant Hollow Kingpin
  • Avant 3-inch swivel caster with grip ring stem
  • Avant 5-inch swivel caster with top plate and direction lock brake
  • Avant 5-inch swivel caster with hollow kingpin and global total lock plate
  • Avant 6-inch swivel caster with top plate and US total lock

MedCaster’s newest nylon caster, Avant, embodies Smooth, Quiet, and Clean. Precision ball bearings in the swivel section provide smooth and effortless rolling. The rounded QuikStart wheel is quiet and ergonomic while sealed bearings and components will keep Avant clean and safe during any operation. Avant is now available.

  • Smooth, Quiet, Clean and Effortless mobility
  • Precision ball bearings in swivel section and wheel provide easy start/stop force and turning regardless of caster position
  • Quiet, ergonomic QuikStart thermoplastic elastomer wheel (70A durometer) is both floor protective and non-marking
  • Sealed precision ball bearings and components keep Avant clean and safe
  • Maintenance-free construction, reduces downtime and costs
  • Corrosion-resistance, and resistant to most chemicals
  • Integrated thread guards protect wheel from entangling debris
  • Total Lock Brake engages on wheel edges, maintaining a smooth ride even after brake has been engaged for an extended time
  • Directional Lock Brake restricts swivel rotation allowing for easy, on-demand tracking

Available tread types include QuikStart TPR.


Standard available fastenings include Top Plate, Hollow Kingpin, Grip Ring, Expanding Adapter, Threaded Stem, and Round or Square Stem options.


Brake options include a Total Lock Brake, which locks both swivel and wheel rotation, and a Direction Lock Brake, which locks swivel rotation only.


MedCaster Avant Color SampleThe standard Avant comes in a Grey finish. Color square on left is presented to provide an example of actual color. Variations between color presented and product as delivered may occur. A black finish and other custom colors are available by special order; please contact factory for details and minimums.

  • Hospital Carts
  • IV Stands
  • Transport Systems
  • Computer Carts
  • Patient Beds
  • Imaging Systems
  • AV Carts
  • Kiosks

Are you looking for MedCaster Streamline (SL), Marquee (MP), or Plastic (PG) casters?

Unfortunately, these casters are no longer available, but Avant is an excellent replacement for those series.

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