July 1, 2017

Product Spotlight:
New Avant Caster Serves as a Silent Hero to Medical Industry

Colson Group knows the medical industry, and how important it is for medical equipment to be clean, quiet and effortless. MedCaster, an operating unit of Colson Group, kept those qualities top-of-mind while developing the industry’s newest medical caster – Avant.

The medical industry’s newest nylon caster, Avant, symbolizes smooth, quiet, and clean. The precision ball bearing swivel provides effortless mobility to medical personnel around the globe, and the rounded QuikStart wheel is quiet and ergonomical while offering sealed bearings and components to keep Avant clean and safe during any operation.

The Avant caster series offers a number of competitive advantages and product features compared to others in the market:
• Precision ball bearings in swivel section and wheel provide easy start / stop force and turning regardless of caster position;
• Quiet, ergonomic QuikStart thermoplastic elastomer wheel (70A durometer) is both floor protective and non-marking;
• Sealed precision ball bearings and components keep Avant clean and safe;
• Maintenance-free construction, reduces downtime and costs;
• Integrated thread guards protect wheel from entangling debris;
• Total Lock Brake engages on-wheel edges, maintaining a smooth ride even after brake has been engaged for an extended time;
• Directional Lock Brake restricts swivel rotation allowing for easy, on-demand tracking.

The Avant is the foundation for a complete list of medical equipment, including hospital carts, transport systems, patient beds, AV carts, IV stands, computer carts, imaging systems and kiosks. Full product descriptions are available online, along with CAD models and quotes.