Better Mobility In The Toughest Environment:
We are excited to present a new product solution specifically designed to provide better mobility in one of the medical industry’s most punishing applications—introducing: Sterilizer High-Temp Soft Rubber Wheels.

These soft (70A), quiet antimicrobial wheels have been engineered to withstand typical steam sterilization cycles of 280°F at -32 psi vacuum pressure without flat spotting or separating from their cores. This lasting durability makes Sterilizer wheels an ideal solution for medical carts used in autoclaves or for equipment that is consistently exposed to steam-sterilization or cart wash cycles. Providing excellent traction and quiet performance in demanding high-temp applications, Sterilizer wheels help reduce unwanted vibration and noise while offering superior floor protection and debris rejection.

What problem do Sterilizer Wheels solve?
No. Antimicrobial wheel protection is not a coating on the surface of the wheel, thread guard or fork. It is an integral part of the product. Abrasion, chips or scratches will not impact the effectiveness in any way. Not even wax buildup on the wheel can impair the bacteria fighting performance.

What problem do Sterilizer Wheels solve?
Hospitals and labs often sterilize instruments and equipment utilizing wheeled carts that historically required hard wheels to handle the frequent exposure to high temperatures and vacuum pressure. This was due to traditional soft wheels flat spotting, melting or breaking down relatively quickly in these conditions—despite it being the preferred option for mobility performance, and noise and vibration reduction. With this launch, customers can now attain these mobility benefits with a soft wheel specifically designed to address these challenges—making the MedCaster Sterilizer Wheel a superior option for case carts, sterilizer carts, test cages, lab equipment and operating room equipment.

Will it handle frequent sterilization cycles?
Absolutely, that is what it was designed for. Sterilizer Wheels are built to endure the repeated punishment caused by steam sterilization cycles. The Sterilizer wheels have been independently lab tested to exceed and withstand the typical FDA instrument sterilization cycle.

What caster series would you utilize with this wheel?
We recommend always starting with the MedCaster SX Series with Sterilizer Wheels for the best in high-temp performance. The recently upgraded SX Series now features dual high-temp pedals, high-temp raceway seals, high-temp grease, and an easy to access raceway zerk (for all swivel models). Available in 5″ and 6″ swivel, total lock, direction lock, and rigid models, you will be sure to find the right caster to meet your requirements.